Newsboys: STAND (with Tobymac) Music Review

Image by Firmbee from Pixabay

Propelling into your headphones or speakers comes “Stand,” the title track of their latest album and a new version featuring Michael Tait’s former bandmate Tobymac.

Tait told the Christian Beat, “We tried to write a song that speaks to the very purpose and mission of every human, we finished the song and were like ‘this feels like an album theme’. Let’s face it, I am a man of color, and people are trying to tell us black and white can’t get along. So, when people ask you ‘where do you stand?’ we hopefully say that it lies within. To also have our longtime friend and brother Toby join us on the single is such a blessing. It feels like such an anthem for today and we hope it affects the listener as we intended.”

The new sound the newsboys are making is pretty good. They ride that line between the sound of worship and rock music. With “Stand,” they send a message of hope and it does good. I do think they could mix it up a bit with their newer tracks. A lot of the sound is familiar to previous works. Now, Tobymac appearing in this track does make it more appealing. It was cool to hear Tait and Tobymac back together for this song.

Check out the lyric video:

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