‘Cobalt: Atlanta’s Thrashing’ Graphic Novel Review

Cobalt: Atlanta’s Thrashing‘ is a new comic book written by Jake Adams with art from Erwin J. Arroza and an epic cover by Max Bertolini. It was released through the Tale End Comics imprint.

The vigilante known as Cobalt is taking on Atlanta’s crime. He is dealing with personal issues and warnings from his friends who know that Jesse Jensen is Cobalt. They try to get him to give up his heroic lifestyle, knowing that it could kill him. Unfortunately, Cobalt continues to push for ending crime in Atlanta. This causes him to run afoul of the criminal mastermind known as Esmeralda Blasco, who wants to end his career. He also earns the attention of Deathstalker, an assassin who also gets his target and now his target is Cobalt.

I really enjoyed the artwork from Arroza. It gave the comic book a noir feel as we watch Cobalt battling crime in Atlanta. We see how crimefighting has become an addiction to Jensen, who finds himself skipping hangouts with his younger brother to stop thugs in the street.

On that note, Cobalt is well-written. Jake Adams does a good job of bringing his characters to life and showing us their emotional tole heroism can take on oneself. It was interesting and the plot was compelling as we see Cobalt fighting crime in Atlanta. I cannot wait until the next entry.

In full disclosure, I supported the crowdfunding efforts. Here is the package I received:

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