‘Blue Miracle’ Review- An Encouraging Family Film

Blue Miracle‘ is a Netflix family film directed by Julio Quintana who co-wrote the script with Chris Dowling. It tells the true story of Cabo’s Casa Hogar orphanage who won a fishing tournament to help their facilities.

Omar (Jimmy Gonzales) and his wife Becca (Fernanda Urrejola) run the Casa Hogar orphanage in Cabo, Mexico that is being hounded by calls from the bank and gets flooded during a hurricane. Meanwhile, washed up fishing champion Wade (Dennis Quaid) wants to enter a large fishing tournament to reclaim his title of champion, but the competition’s directors Wayne (Bruce McGill) and Tricia Bisbee (Dana Wheeler-Nicholson) force him to take Omar and a small group of his orphans as a crew to help raise the money for their orphanage. Wade is openly hostile to Omar and the kids, but they soon form a team as they search for a winning marlin to get first place.

The movie dramatizes the true story of Casa Hogar and how they saved their orphanage by being the first Mexican team to win this international tournament. As far as being a true story, it does a good job of getting you to connect with the characters. We see how different boys from different cities rival each other, forcing Omar to act as a referee at times.

Now the movie is not “blow me away amazing” by any stretch of the phrase. That being said, I found that I actually connected to the plot and the characters that were on the screen. You genuinely rooted for them and felt the frustration at the possibly of losing plus the temptation of cheating their way to the top. All of the actors turned out good performances, even the child stars.

The movie also does a good job of showcasing the difference between Omar and Wade. The first lost his father at sea, forcing him to fulfill being a father by becoming the director of the orphanage. He hopes to give the kids something he lost and find redemption that way, but tempers expectations. Wade is the prodigal father who chose his life at sea over his family. He has no interest in being a father and choses alcohol as his companion, but he exaggerates expectations.

Frankly, it is was good to watch an uplifting and encouraging. A lot of the movies that have come out between 2020 and 2021 have been lackluster, dreary, preachy, or downright depressing. This movie with its inspirational message, while imperfect, stands out as well-made and entertaining movie that the whole family can enjoy.

Botton line, Blue Miracle is an encouraging and uplifting film that you can enjoy with your whole family. No sermonizing. No nihilism. Just a good ol’ fashion “based on a true story” movie that has an inspirational story.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Some distressing moments

FAVORITE QUOTE: If you want to teach those kids to be losers their whole life, I have no part in it. I’m a winner.

Check out the trailer below:

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