‘Dog Gone Trouble’ Review- Boring And Typical

Originally titled ‘Trouble,’ director Kevin Johnson brings us ‘Dog Gone Trouble.’ The movie was originally set to be released in 2019, but it did not find a distributor until Netflix picked it up for their streaming service.

After wealthy businesswoman Mrs. Sarah Vanderwhoozie (Betty White) passed away, her beloved dog Trouble (Big Sean) is cast out by her niece and nephew heirs Claire (Marissa Winokur) and Norbit (Joel McHale). Right after, they discover they can only inherit the fortune if they take care of Trouble. They seek help from eccentric animal tracker Thurman Sanchez (Wilmer Valderrama) to find the dog. Trouble meanwhile meets Rousey (Pamela Adlon) a bitter pit bull who does not like humans. After a mishap, Trouble ends up in the care of aspiring singer Zoe Bell (Lucy Hale) with an army of hostile squirrels hot on his tail.

The animation is competent. It is nothing that blew me away, but it did a decent job with the character designs and the backgrounds. I also thought the action sequences were passable. Again, nothing that stands out, but still works as far as being a CGI kid’s flick.

I did enjoy the cameo from Cesar Milan who voices himself. He does some parodying of his sayings and techniques. He has less than five minutes of screen time, but I enjoyed the fact that he could poke fun at himself. As a dog owner, his techniques are pretty spot on.

Now back to the movie.

It was boring. The movie basically took the plot of Bolt and mashed it with Beverly Hills Chihuahua. It provided nothing original or even something interesting in the “lost dog” genre. For one thing, the squirrels’ subplot should have been totally cut. It was not funny and the joke went on way too long. That about describes the movie. Jokes and sequences drag on way too long taking all of the fun out of them. Honestly, I cannot even see a kid older than five getting into it, much less their parents enjoying it with them.

As for the voice acting, there is some excellent talent. Besides the ones mentioned above, you also have Damon Wayans Jr., Dee Bradley Baker, Seth Rollins, Snoop Dog, Jason Mraz, and Jim Cummings all have roles, but because the movie is so poorly done, you almost do not think about them or their performances.

Bottom line, Dog Gone Trouble wastes a good cast and decent animation on a boring copy of previous “lost dog” flicks. Parents will not enjoy it and I doubt kids will either.

PARENTAL CONCERN: Comic mischief, Some cartoon violence

FAVORITE QUOTE: The dog’s name is Trouble.

Check out the trailer below:

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