Words Of Wisdom From The September Pope

John Paul I was the shortest-serving Catholic Pope, serving for barely a month August 26, 1978 – September 28, 1978, when he died. During that time, he was known for his kindness and friendly demeanor. These attributes earned him the nickname The Smiling Pope among Catholics, but the media called him the September Pope. During his brief tenure, he gave the world some wisdom. Here are my top 5 quotes from John Paul I:

“Those who travel in the stratosphere are in danger of not being prudent, when they are full of knowledge acquired purely from books. They can never get away from what is written, are always busy analyzing, pointing out subtleties, perpetually splitting hairs. Life is quite another matter.”

“We are the objects of undying love on the part of God. We know: he has always his eyes open on us, even when it seems to be dark. He is our father; even more he is our mother. He does not want to hurt us, He wants only to do good to us, to all of us.”

“People sometimes say: “we are in a society that is all rotten, all dishonest.” That is not true. There are still so many good people, so many honest people.”

“Put on the cross, not only did he forgive those who crucified him, but he excused them. He said: “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” This is Christianity, these are sentiments which, if put into practice would help society so much.”

“This happens. Some people seize on an idea, then bury it and guard it for the rest of their lives, defending it jealously without ever examining it again, without ever trying to check what has become of it after all the rain and wind and storms of events and changes.”

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