Gina Carano ‘Running Wild with Bear Grylls’ Episode Will Be Released

In The Blood‘ actress may have been a victim of cancel culture after Disney / LucasFilm ceremoniously fired her to please the whiny SJWs on social media, but she is making a comeback.

After being let go as Cara Dune from ‘The Mandalorian,’ it was revealed that her appearance on ‘Running Wild with Bear Grylls’ was not going to make its television debut or premier on Disney Plus.

However, it appears that NatGeo, where ‘Running Wild’ airs, seems to have reversed the decision after Carano announced on her Twitter that the episode would in fact launch.

“Want to hear something cool,” she tweeted. “Just so happens you WILL be able to see my (Bear Grylls) episode on (NatGeo) after all!! Bear is a real one. I’m so glad you’re going to get to see it. My heart is so full. Airs on (NatGeo), May 10th at 9pm! #nevergiveup.”

Bear Grylls echoed those sentiments. “Your Running Wild journey was an incredible one too!! It would have been so sad not to get to hear your powerful story of many struggles & many triumphs… Here we go!”

This is fantastic news and one that proves that if you rebel against the cancel culture mob, you can overcome it. Gina Carano’s courage in the face of the mob is inspiring and it is really cool to see.

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