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In this episode, I unbox the latest from Timothy Lim and Mark Pellegrini, Kamen America: Volume Three. Since I backed this crowdfunding campaign, I got a whole bunch of goodies including some of the stretch goal items and the third graphic novel. In this issue, the Kamen Corps’ rival and copycat Kamen UN keeps upstaging them as they try to fight monsters. Kamen America is not happy about this even as their worst enemy Vermillion Masquerade learns of the source of their power.

Check out the webisode below:

According to the description, “Kamen America, Volume 3, continues the saga of our heroine as she pursues the identity of her arch-nemesis. Charlotte Vanders is a fashionista-turned-reluctant hero who must balance her rising stardom against a world whose principles run contrary to her own: and that’s on top of her equally super-human rivals who want to take her down a notch!”

They continue, “When we last left off in Volume 2, the Kamen Corps was squaring away with the triple threat of Machiavellian agent Niro Lansky, the mud-manipulating Vermillion Masquerade, and the arrogant, armored Kamen U.N. Having successfully teamed up to defeat the rampaging kaiju O-Scar, the Kamen Corps sets their eyes on expanding their grassroots support while looking for a way to take down Vermillion Masquerade for good!”

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