What’s The Current Status Of The MCU Disney Plus Shows?

Following the conclusion of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s “Infinity Saga,” Disney and Marvel Entertainment announced that they were expanding their Avengers story-arcs into four different shows on the Disney Plus streaming service.

“Loki” would see the return of the Asgardian trickster who perished in Avengers: Infinity War played again by Tom Hiddleston. Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany will return in “WandaVision” as Scarlet Witch and Vision. The legacy of Captain America would be explored in “Falcon & Winter Soldier” starring Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan. Finally, “Hawkeye” would see Jeremy Renner return to the role in order to train an apprentice with some reporting that the Avenger would go deaf.

All of these shows were to premiere in 2020 but have since seen delays due to the global pandemic. What is the status of these DisneyPlus shows and when will they be available for fans and newcomers to enjoy?

“Hawkeye” has seen the most trouble with constant production delays with little information being released by Disney. Originally, the series was supposed to debut in Fall 2021 but with the delay of other projects, it is likely it will not premier until Spring 2022 at the earliest. As for the cast, Jeremy Renner is still attached, but only rumors surround the rest which include Hailee Steinfeld.

The six-part series “Loki” was confirmed to begin filming in Puerto Rico in December 2019 by star Tom Hiddleston, but NationEdition reports to both earthquakes and the global pandemic has delayed it from its initial release date March 2021 to the summer.

Deadline reports that “Falcon & The Winter Soldier” was also delayed by earthquakes in Puerto Rico and by the global pandemic, so it will miss its August 2020 launch date, being pushed to December. This one is further along in production with a full cast that includes Emily VanCamp, Kari Skogland is directing, and Malcolm Spellman taking over head-writing duties.

Last, but definitely not least, MCU Cosmic is reporting that “WandaVision” has been pushed back from its December 2020 release date to Spring 2021. This show will likely connect to Doctor Strange: Into The Multiverse Of Madness where we could possibly see Wanda Maximoff become a villain.

Here is a trailer that Disney released last year to kick off the excitement for the shows:

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