‘Point Blank’ Review- So Frickin’ Dull

Point Blank is an action thriller directed by Joe Lynch. It is a Netflix movie based on a 2010 French film of the same name. I have not seen that one, so I will not be able to compare it. This version features a stellar cast, but nothing much outside of that.

Brothers Abe (Frank Grillo) and Mateo (Christian Cooke) are hitmen who get caught in a shootout in the home of Cincinnati District Attorney Joshua Gregory. Mateo escapes, but Abe gets knocked out and arrested. Nurse Paul Booker (Anthony Mackie) works at the hospital where Abe is taken, so Mateo takes Paul pregnant wife Taryn (Teyonah Parris) hostage in return for breaking Abe out which he does. The brothers owe money to a gangster named Big D (Markice Moore). The gangster along with Lt. Regina Lewis (Marcia Gay Harden), who wants revenge for the death of the DA, are chasing them.

This movie was short for this day and age. At a running time of 87 minutes, it was still too long. The premise was interesting, a man forced to work with a deadly hitman to save his pregnant wife and all that. The editing was well-done and the cinematography was well-done as far as the aesthetics. It would have been at least a fun action film, but it came off as so incredibly dull.

The car chases were benign, the shootouts were boring, the soundtrack was unimpressive, and even the action sequences made you raise an eyebrow instead of stick close to the screen. With the single exception of Anthony Mackie’s character, the characters were not even that interesting. On that note, only Cooke, Mackie, and Parris turned out anything decent as far as acting. Everyone else, including Grillo, turned out sub-par performances that were yawn-inducing.

Another thing about the film, the music did not match. The background score was fine, but anytime some old rock song would tickle our ears, you would scratch your head about how mismatched it was to the scene. The editing of the songs was poor as well. The song would just appear out of nowhere following a score that was more impressive.

Bottom line, this is a dull action film with a handful of decent performances but is ultimately disappointing as even a fun action flick to enjoy with a full bucket of popcorn.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Intense violence, Foul language

FAVORITE QUOTE: Cue the car.

Check out the trailer below:

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