Will The Yankees Get The Same Coverage As The Astros?

Image by stanbalik from Pixabay

Well, well, well. The chickens have come home to roost with the so-called “sign-stealing” controversy, where the Astros got caught using a video camera to steal the signs of the LA Dodgers during the 2017 World Series. It caused a frenzied circus of media coverage in 2019. In the end, they were given a hefty fine, two staffers were fired, and they lost draft picks in 2020, but some sports commentators suggested they should lose the title and some players should be fired and then flogged (okay I made up that last part, but you would think that from the coverage).

Ever hear of the Red Sox? They got busted too, but they didn’t get HALF the scorn that the Astros did for the same “rule violation.” They were caught committing the exact same crime, but Boston did not get the same amount of scorn or the coverage that smeared Houston. The Astros scandal even got its own Wikipedia page describing the rule violation in detail, but not the Red Sox. It’s barely mentioned as a footnote.

So, now we learn that the exaggerated sign-stealing controversy has come full circle. All of the Astros haters screaming like spoiled brats & now we learn the Yankees were involved as well. It is true. The New York Yankees have been busted after a 2017 letter was forced “unsealed” by a judge. I wonder if those condemning the Astros will be as quick to condemn the team that buys the World Series every chance they get.

It’s not just those three teams that got busted. Allegedly, Diamondbacks, Indians, Rangers, Cubs, Blue Jays, Nationals, and Brewers are involved with the “sign stealing” gang. Do we hear a peep from the Astros’ haters? Minor. There are barely any calls for an investigation.

This goes back to my original point when the scandal first broke. The rule itself is a stupid one. If a baseman catches the signs & alerts the manager, it’s totally fine or if they’re watching the game and they catch something, again totally fine, but a camera on the field? Chaos! The fact is the press, particularly the sports media, created the faux outrage against the Houston Astros in order to create ratings. It is obvious because if it was as big of a deal as they said, they would be yelling about these other teams, but they barely get a mention.

The Astros beat the Dodgers and to take away the victory over a minor infraction is silly. More than likely, the Dodgers were doing it too. Time will tell. The way the press and fans played up the “scandal” was silly and embarrassing quite frankly. With the Yankees, will they get the Astros treatment or the Red Sox treatment? My money is with the latter especially since the MLB didn’t seem concerned too much until the sports media made a big deal out of it. Will they give back all the money they made from those World Series? Doubtful.

The Astros broke a rule, they should’ve gotten a fine & then everyone moved on, but they were dragged TWO YEARS AFTER the incident. Red Sox, barely a peep. Yankees, we’ll have to wait and see how far the hypocrisy goes into how the scandal is treated.

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