10 Actors Who Would Make Excellent Star Trek Captains

The CBS-Paramount science fiction franchise Star Trek has always found a collection of all-star actors to play starship captain. From William Shatner to Patrick Stewart to Kate Mulgrew to Avery Brooks and beyond, they always find someone who is able to become iconic. With Star Trek in flux, who should sit in the captain’s chair in a new series based in Starfleet? Here are 10 Actors Who Would Make Excellent Star Trek Captains:

James Wood

Wikimedia Commons

The actor has played everything from Lord Hades to political adversaries to a district attorney looking for redemption and even Lex Luthor from DC Comics. With his charisma and charm, he could deliver those iconic lines every captain needs.

Jennifer Esposito


You might remember her playing Danny Reagan’s first partner in ‘Blue Bloods,’ but Esposito on several other television shows including NCIS. With her resume, she’s perfect to play the commanding officer on the bridge.

Dean Cain


He charmed us as Superman and wowed us as a corrupt FBI lovebird, Cain has a range and a powerful presence on the screen and on stage. With his acting skills, he could deliver the “Warp speed ahead” command with no trouble.

Clark Gregg


After he charmed “new” Christine, Gregg became Agent Coulson in Iron Man and the MCU television spin-off Agents of SHIELD. With his experience playing someone who is always in charge, he could be the next Starfleet captain.

Daniel Dae Kim


He went from being Lost to solving crimes in Hawaii Five-0, Kim would be excellent to command a starship. He has no trouble taking down the bad guys and I think would even make an excellent admiral.

Dennis Haysbert

He is not only one of the greatest spokesmen of all time, but Mr. Haysbert is a talented actor who has appeared in films like the Clint Eastwood thriller Absolute Power and spy drama 24. He would be ideal for the man in the chair.

Chris Pratt


When the need arises for a Starfleet captain who is a rule-breaker, why not Mr. Pratt? He plays Star-Lord in the MCU and has appeared in too many films to name. With a resume like this, he could definitely play the unorthodox flagship captain.

Kristy Swanson


Mrs. Swanson has slain vampires, solved mysteries, and has acted in comedic roles. With her range and skill, she could play the CO of a starship and take no attitude from crew members or alien species.

Clarence Gilyard, Jr.

Columbia Theater

Who better than Chuck Norris’ kick-butt partner from Walker, Texas Ranger to command a starship? He may have retired in 2005, but he has since made appearances in several indie films.

Corbin Bernsen


The actor, writer, director has played several roles over the years, including playing the protagonist’s father in Psych. With his excellent acting skills and his exceptional credits, he would make an excellent captain for Starfleet.

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