Lindsey Stirling: “Joy To The World” Music Review

As part of her ‘Snow Waltz’ album, Lindsey Stirling brings us a classic with her instrumental rendition of the Christmas carol “Joy to the World.” It is not an unfamiliar song to hear for the holidays, but definitely a favorite all around the world.

Stirling once again delivers. Her amazing talent at composing and performing these old-time classics with her violin is incredible. I truly enjoyed listening to her performance as she brought out the timeless nature of the song. I can honestly say that she is one of the best performing artists of today. 

I also enjoyed the music video. It truly shows the passion she brings to these kinds of projects. Aside from her talent with instruments, she is also a very talented dancer. I thought her skills were impressive and it added an extra flavor to the performance. It is an excellent addition to your playlist. 

Check out the music video below:

The original version of “Joy to the World” was conceived by English minister Isaac Watts in 1719. Taking inspiration from Psalm 98, he described it, saying that the words “are fitted to the Tunes of the Old PSALM-BOOK.” He published the original lyrics in the book The Psalms of David: Imitated in the language of the New Testament, and applied to the Christian state and worship.

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