‘Batman: Noël’ Graphic Novel Review

Batman: Noël is a graphic novel written and illustrated by Lee Bermejo that was released by DC Comics in 2011. The story presents the Dark Knight in the framing of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Novel.

One of the Joker’s lackeys, a man named Bob, is on the run from the Batman. Bruce tells Alfred that he plans to use the man as bait to capture the Clown Prince of Crime, something Pennyworth scoffs at. As Christmas approaches, Batman has an encounter with Catwoman who reminds him of his early days before the death of Jason Todd. He later runs into Superman, who tries to show him the spirit of Christmas, which Batman scoffs at. Little does he know, the Joker has been watching him and he has a deadly gift in store for the Dark Knight.

Bermejo is a brilliant artist and a very good writer. I love his illustrations and how, in flashbacks, we see Batman in the past to compare him to the present. Those were some key images that show off how the Dark Knight evolved after the death of Jason Todd.

As for the story itself, top-notch. I remember when it was advertised, I was hesitant, thinking it would be some sort of lame parody of A Christmas Carol with Batman as Scrooge. While the Dark Knight is an analog to Ebenezer, it is not a parody and it is not lame. It uses the Dickens classic as a backdrop and a frame but brings about an excellent Christmas story about redemption, hope, and forgiveness.

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