‘Mind Over Murder’ True Crime Series Review

Mind Over Murder‘ is a six-part HBO Max true crime documentary series directed by Nanfu Wang who also worked as one of the executive producers. It follows the shocking murder of Helen Wilson in the small town of Beatrice, Nebraska.

The documentary tells the story of Beatrice Six, a group of people who were accused of robbing, murdering, and, for some, raping an elderly woman. A former police detective gets a job at the county sheriff’s office and proceeds to round up this gang, giving them to a local DA who wants to make a name for himself. However, DNA evidence seems to point to their innocence. Meanwhile, the local theater is making a play of the situation in modern times.

Mrs. Wang does a fantastic job of telling this story. She asks thoughtful questions, behind the camera, to everyone involved in the case. I give her credit because all parties involved are shown not as caricatures, but as human beings who were pulled into this truly tragic case.

Now, I did think the local theater producing a play based on the crime was kind of shady. I think the documentary should have aimed more criticism at them for this. It is gross that they would exploit the crimes against Helen Wilson in this manner.

With this in mind, I do appreciate that this docuseries brought that to light. They did a good job of keeping Helen Wilson at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Wang portrays the case with evidence, nuance, and definitely makes you feel connected to everyone involved.

Check out the trailer below:

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Discussion of abuse, Disturbing crime, Thematic elements, Some foul language

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