‘I Just Killed My Dad’ TV Review

Directed by Skye Borgman, I Just Killed My Dad is a three-part true crime miniseries that is streaming on Netflix. It was made by Half Yard Productions.

Texas teen Anthony Templet made a shocking call to emergency services where he admitted to shooting his father. He claims he did it in self-defense but does the evidence show that? One police detective is unsure, but as the evidence is discovered, they reveal a shocking story of kidnapping, substance abuse, and domestic violence.

This is a compelling documentary. The first episode withholds a lot of evidence from the viewer, forcing you to come to one conclusion. However, as the second and third episode progresses, you learn more about the story and the revelations are shocking. You will not believe your ears as you hear the disturbing tale.

The filmmaking was pretty good. Other than the deceptive first episode, it kept on track, revealing some of the most shocking things about the crime. You are brought through an incredible tale about an abusive father who kidnaps his oldest son and how he mistreats him. it was a compelling tale that kept you hooked as you heard the twists and turns of Anthony’s story. I found myself pulled into the story as we learn about the origins of Anthony and the lead-up to the crime.

Check out the trailer below:

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Discussion of abuse, Disturbing crime, Some foul language

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