‘Batman: One Dark Knight’ Part 3 Comic Book Review

Batman: One Dark Knight is a new three-part miniseries written and drawn by Jock for the DC Comics Black Label. The finale does not have a subtitle, which I think fits with this particular issue.

Dr. Vasquez tracks down Brody, the son of escaped villain EMP, who has plunged Gotham City into darkness after his powers overloaded. She forces the young man to come with her to Blackgate Prison where she is expecting EMP to end up. Batman is trying to pull that off, but EMP has been taken into the sewers by a cult led by Killer Croc. As time runs out, EMP may set off again, but with a ton of muscle in front of him and no devices to help him, the Dark Knight is in for the fight of his life.

I do criticize modern comic books, especially when it comes to Batman. Deservedly so, DC Comics has been obsessed with pleasing woke SJWs and perverts on Tumblr instead of their core audience who only want to read the escapist fantasy that these characters were based in.

This trilogy was the exception to that rule. Jock writes and draws a compelling Batman story that put the Dark Knight in a situation where his devices were totally useless. Instead, he has to rely on his wits, cunning, guile, and, of course, his brute strength to make it through to the end. He even tapped into the compassionate side of Batman that has long been forgotten by modern writers. Excellent work and I loved every issue and every page.

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  1. […] Under the guidance of Dr. Vasquez, Commissioner Gordon and the GCPD are escorting the villain EMP, who can short out electricity, to Blackgate Prison. After an incident, EMP’s powers overload, plunging Gotham City into darkness. Batman gathers EMP and sets out for the prison. However, the gangs of the city begin to riot. Vasquez is revealed to have sinister intentions and kidnaps EMP’s son as leverage. Meanwhile, Batman makes the trek across Gotham with all his gadgets disabled and gangs chasing him, wanting blood. […]

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