Post-Crisis Batman Canon

Ever wonder about the Batman canon? It can be sporadic and change depending on the writer. However, thanks to some stringent research, I have narrowed down the main plots that make up most of the Batman canon.

Now obviously, I’m talking about the Batman storyline that rests in-between the Post-Crisis and Flashpoint events. Final Crisis mixed it up a bit, but that mainly effected Superman. If I included everything before or after, this list would go on for days.

As such, I narrowed it down to the story-arcs that had lasting effects on Batman and his family while they were fighting crime in Gotham City. The list is in chronological as I can tell.

  • Batman Year One
  • Batman Shaman
  • Batman & the Monster Men
  • Batman& the Mad Monk
  • Batman Prey
  • Batman the Man Who Laughs
  • Batman Gothic
  • Batman Venom
  • Batman Four of a Kind
  • Batman Snow
  • Batman and The Long Halloween
  • Two-Face: Year One
  • Batman Dark Victory
  • Batman The Gauntlet
  • Robin Year One (possibly cannon)
  • Batman Haunted Knight
  • Batman Faces
  • Batman Terror
  • Batman Monsters
  • Batman Rules of Engagement
  • Batman Night Crisis
  • Batman The Cat and the Bat
  • Batman King Tuts Tomb
  • Batman Tales of the Demon
  • Batman The Nights of the Beast
  • Batman The Killing Joke
  • Arkham Asylum A Serious House on Serious Earth
  • Batman Death in the Family,
  • Batman A Lonely Place of Mine
  • Batman Blind Justice
  • The Sword of Azrael
  • Batman Knightfall vol 1 – 3
  • Batman Prodigal
  • Batman Anarky
  • Batman Contagion
  • Batman Legacy
  • Batman Cataclysm
  • Batman No Man’s Land Vol 1 – 5
  • Batman Evolution
  • Batman Officer Down
  • Bruce Wayne Murderer?
  • Bruce Wayne Fugitive Vol 1 – 3
  • Hush Vol 1 – 2
  • Batman Death in the Maidens
  • Batman Broken City
  • Batman As the crow Flies
  • Batman War Drums
  • Batman War Games vol 1 – 3
  • Batman Hush Returns
  • Batman City of Crime
  • Batman Under the Hood
  • Batman War Crimes
  • Batman Face the Face,
  • Batman and Son
  • Batman Death in the City
  • Batman The Resurrection of Ra’s Al Ghu
  • Batman and the Black Glove,
  • Batman Heart of Hush
  • Batman R.I.P.
  • Batman Whatever Happened To The Caped Crusader
  • Batman Battle of the Cowl
  • Batman Reborn
  • Batman Vs Robin
  • Batman Long Shadows
  • Batman Hush Money
  • Batman Life After Death
  • Batman Arkham Reborn
  • Time and the Batman
  • Batman Must Die
  • Batman The Road Home
  • Batman The Return of Bruce Wayne
  • Batman Eye of the Beholder

If that list is not comprehensive enough, I don’t know what is. If I did leave anything out, let me know in the comments below. While you’re at it, check out my Top 20 Favorite Batman Costumes. Don’t forget to subscribe for more nerd culture articles like this one.

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