Comic Book Review- ‘Batman: Ego’

Legendary comic book writer and artist Darwyn Cooke brings us a deep look into the Dark Knight with the DC Comics special ‘Batman: Ego.’

Following a tragic suicide connected to the Joker, Bruce Wayne returns to the Batcave where he begins to question his time as the Batman and whether or not he is actually making a difference in Gotham City. To his surprise, he gets an answer. Appearing as a shadowy form, the Batman’s personality comes out and confronts Bruce about his newfound apathy. This leads to a clash of personalities as the mask and the man behind the mask debate the good of their war on crime.

Cooke’s unique artistic style went perfectly with this tale. He has a good grasp of how it would look like if Bruce Wayne were deep into the recesses of his psyche to explore his life as Batman. I loved the mind-bending images and character illustrations that bring out the best in the design.

The plot does a good job of discussing aspects of Bruce Wayne and what makes him the Batman. To see the two psyches warring against one another was interesting, to say the least. I do think that it went on for a bit too long and I felt that there should have been a bigger climax, but overall, it was an interesting journey into the mind of Batman.

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