Graphic Novel Review- X-Men Season One

X-men season one

X-Men Season One joins the ranks of Marvel Comics retelling the origins of their most post popular franchises. Written by Dennis Hopeless and illustrated by Jamie McKelvie, this graphic novel brings the mutant team into the twenty-first century.

The story shows Professor Charles Xavier aka Professor X recruiting and training the founding five X-Men: Marvel Girl, Cyclops, Angel, Beast, and Ice Man.  It shows their battles with Magneto and the Brotherhood of Mutants while simultaneously dealing with prejudice against mutants. 

I enjoyed this graphic novel a great deal, but it did include some teenage angst that I thought was a little unnecessary. It showed Jean Grey (Marvel Girl) dealing with her powers, Warren Worthington (Angel) being a snob, Hank McCoy (Beast) getting mad at Prof. X, Scott Summers (Cyclops) being a wimp, and Bobby Drake (Ice Man) growing up. It slowed the overall story down, but otherwise it was a great new approach to the X-Men’s early days.  

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