‘Goblin Slayer: Goblin’s Crown’ Review- A Clash Of Steel And Snow

Goblin Slayer: Goblin’s Crown‘ is a 2020 dark fantasy anime film directed by Takaharu Ozaki. It was produced by the Japanese animation studio White Fox and was based on a script by Hideyuki Kurata. The music was done by Kenichiro Suehiro with Tabitha Ray serving as the English voice director.

The Sword Maiden (Meg McClain) summons Goblin Slayer (Brad Hawkins) for a mission to save a Noble Fencer (Anairis Quinones), the daughter of a friend’s family. Goblin Slayer brings in his party including the young Priestess (Hayden Daviau), Lizard Warrior (Josh Bangle), Dwarf Shaman (Barry Yandell), and a High Elf Archer (Mallorie Rodak) to rescue her. As they search, they discover the goblins have massacred her family and have taken the family sword. The only reason for this, the goblins are planning to crown a Goblin King. Goblin Slayer and his party race against time to save the Noble Fencer and stop the coronation before goblins infect the area.

My only problem with this movie is that the first twenty minutes is just a recap of the first season of the anime. I suppose it would be helpful if you are not familiar with the show, but I still think the filmmakers could have utilized the time better.

As for the animation, it was pretty good. There was a little bit of that weird hybrid-CGI that I am not fond of and that was distracting at times. Besides that, I really liked the character and background designs. I especially liked Noble Fencer’s sword. It was unique and cool.

A lot of times, anime film spin-offs want to overcomplicate the plot to set it apart from the show. I was glad to see this was not the case here. The plot was tight, neat, exciting, thrilling, and it kept me hooked throughout the perilous journey. I was impressed with it and I thought it did a good job of standing on its own legs.

I especially liked seeing that they maintained the growth of Goblin Slayer with his party, particularly the Priestess. We see how their relationship is complementary and their individual strengths help. Even with the full party in assemblance, it did not feel cluttered or that one did not have screen time. They were pretty well balanced.

Bottom line, Goblin Slayer: Goblin’s Crown is an excellent continuation of the series. The plot was exciting and enthralling with enough magical action to keep the plot moving.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Strong bloody violence, Sequences of torture, Some mild language, Risque scene

FAVORITE QUOTE: I hope you’ll continue to help me out in the New Year.

Check out the trailer below:

This review is based on the dubbed version from Funimation.

On another note, I am excited the anime got renewed for a second season.

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