Top 10 Best Transformers Combiners

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In the world of the Transformers, none stand taller in the ranks of the heroic Autobots and the villainous Decepticons than the Combiners. The original ones were made up of five or more team members who could combine into one warrior. Later, this concept would expand into two simply merging. For the purpose of this list, we will focus on the vintage teams across the various Transformers media that make up the mighty warriors known as the Combiners. Here are the Top 10:

10. Dinoking

The Dinoforce is one of the Decepticons (Destrons) most powerful enemies, strong enough even to battle Star Saber. He is a fierce warrior who constantly battles his Autobot rival Landcross.

09. Abominus

The Terrorcons merge together to form this deadly monstrosity that can bring down planets if not for the Autobots trying to stop them.

08. Computron

When Dinobot was made into a super-smart being, he transferred his intelligence into the Technobots to make a strong and smart Autobot warrior capable of fending off the Decepticons.

07. Bruticus

Star Scream created the Combaticons to overthrow Megatron and later surrenders control so he could earn his way back into the Decepticons. In Car Robots, he would be known as Ruination.

06. Defensor

The Protectobots are there for any emergency. Whether fire, famine, or a Decepticon invasion, they can merge and create one of the most powerful Combiners in the TF Universe.

05. Devastator

Built from the six Constructicons, Devastator was the first Combiner built “recently” on Earth though Omega Supreme would reveal their true origins later. He is a powerhouse who cannot even be taken down by the might of the Dinobots.

04. Magnaboss

Seen in Beast Wars II, this trio of Maximals work together to take on the Predacons and even managed to deal a powerful blow to their base Scorponok in the anime film.

03. Rail Racer

The Autobot Bullettrains do not just shuttle their teammates around, oh no. In the world of Car Robots, he is strong enough to battle both Predacon and Decepticon forces at the same time. Though large, he is incredibly fast.

02. Superion

After the Decepticons built the Stunticons to challenge the Autobots’ ground forces, Alpha Trion sacrifices himself to merge with the All Spark deep within Vector Sigma to give the Arielbots life. They are a strong air force for the Autobots.

01. Predaking

The Predacons are some of the most fierce warriors in the galaxy and when they combine, they are unstoppable. Their ferocity in battle is second to known and they can take on two Autobot Combiners at the same time.

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