Top 10 Spider-Man Villains That Need A Feature Film Debut

Peter Parker is not just recognizable as the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Several of his villains have also crossed over into recognizable pop culture icons. Venom, Doctor Octopus, Kingpin, Green Goblin, and a whole host of others have developed their own fandoms. Unfortunately, fewer than you think have made film appearances. It would be excellent to see some more in Marvel Cinematic Universe movies or in the Venom Verse. Here are my Top 10 Spider-Man Villains That Need A Feature Film Debut:

10. The Looter

Granted, Norton G. Fester is kind of a loser villain who has super strength from a meteorite who steals ideas from other villains to commit his crimes.

09. Boomerang

He might not be well-known, but Fred Myers has worked with the Lethal Foes, Sinister Six, and even made it to the big time with the Masters of Evil against the Avengers.

08. Hardshell

Leila Davis uses technology to battle Spidey and blames him for the death of her husband, the villainous Ringer. Later, she would pose as other villains.

07. Beetle

Abner Jenkins is a famous thief who used technology to battle Spider-Man. He would try to go straight for a time, serving with the Thunderbolts.

06. Molten Man

One of Spidey’s earliest villains, Mark Raxton gets covered in a hot liquid which increases his strength. He would later go straight and becomes an ally for some time.

05. Hammerhead

Styling himself as an old school gangster, Hammerhead has frequently tried to usurp gang power in New York City, only to be thwarted by Spider-Man.

04. Mister Negative

Martin Li is a crime boss who has the ability to bring out negative energy in people he comes in contact with and using it to empower himself.

03. Jack O’Lantern

An ally of the Goblins, Jason Macendale would sometimes pose as Hobgoblin and even battled Captain America occasionally.

02. Tombstone

He is strong, cruel, and sadistic. Lonnie Thompson Lincoln at one time attacked Peter’s wife Mary Jane, making his beef with Spidey personal.

01. Black Cat

While her alter ego Felicia Hardy did make an appearance in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2,’ her master thief and girlfriend of the Spider-Man version has not appeared. I would love to see this relationship explored further.

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