‘The Chair’ (2017) Movie Review

The Chair‘ is a 2017 horror film directed by Chad Ferrin. It is based on the comic book by Peter Simeti who also co-wrote the movie with Erin Kohut.

Richard Sullivan (Timothy Muskatell) is a death row inmate who was accused of murdering several children though he claims he is innocent. That does not matter to the brutal guards led by Murphy (Roddy Piper) who regularly torture the prisoners. Though the inmates fear the guards, that fear does not match the compared to the Warden (Bill Oberst Jr.). He is a sadist who wears goggles and chooses a prisoner every night to “have fun” as he plays classical music. When Richard gets chosen, he knows no help is coming and he endures the worst of it. As the torture increases, he remembers his childhood and the abuse that his mother (Naomi Grossman) inflicted upon him, but things are not as they seem.

The difference between it and the comic book it is based on are not that different, but this is one of the most brutal horror films I have ever seen. It had this one particular torture scene that was incredibly disturbing between the guards and one of the prisoners. It is definitely not for kids or for the faint of heart, but horror enthusiasts may enjoy it.

Now, it is in an indie film, so the production values were a bit low, but it had some good cinematography. It made the movie seem claustrophobic and helped you connect to the emotions of the characters. It was tight and uneasy, making for some tension that you were not prepared for.

Both the film and the comic have the same twist, but I felt like the comic did a better job of presenting it. The movie’s twist felt rushed and jarring, thus making it not feel natural. At first, I did not understand what happened and with a simple transition, this could have been fixed.

Bottom line, The Chair is an unpleasant experience, but I think horror enthusiasts will enjoy it for its indie appeal and its truly chilling plot.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Strong gory violence, Disturbing imagery, Heavy foul language

FAVORITE QUOTE: Have you ever killed anyone, Father?

Check out the trailer below:

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