The Great Oscars 2021 Snooze And My Rant On It | StudioJake

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So, did you know the Oscars happen? Yep. No, I’m not kidding. ‘Nomandland’ won Best Picture. Didn’t know about it? I barely did. Let me break down why the Oscars were the lowest-rated ever, why there’s a disconnect between audiences and Hollywood, PLUS how they can fix it.

Check out the webisode below:

Here’s an excerpt from my review of Judas and the Black Messiah,

“The movie is very well made and the story does grip you. In a time when America was in the throes of turmoil, you had this tension from law enforcement and citizens that would often explode. This movie tells one of these stories and it does it in a very impressive way, with intrigue and heart. Not a detail was overlooked as far as writing, character development, or music. On that note, I thought that Mark Isham and Craig Harris do not hold back on the score. It complimented the film in an excellent way.”

Here’s an excerpt from my review of Mank,

“‘Mank’ promised to tell you the story of its subject, complete with the drama of writing what is considered one of the greatest films in cinema history. While it has excellent performances, a unique artistic flair, and stunning visuals to boot, the story was just an afterthought. Instead, we are treated to the Hollywood lecture tour, yelling about how important the film industry is to America, and lectures on wealth from some of the wealthiest elites during one of the greatest economic collapses in American history.”

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