Lemuel Haynes: Pastor, Hero, American

Lemuel Haynes was a slave who was freed in 1774 and joined the American Revolution as a Minuteman. During this time, he began writing about ending the slave trade using the principles of the Declaration of Independence. After serving heroically in War for Independence, he became the first Black minister ordained in the United States where he continued to write and preach the principles of freedom. Here are my top favorite quotes from Lemuel Haynes:

The Divine glory is an object only worthy of attention; and to display his holy character, was the design of God in creation’ as there were no after beings existing antecedent therto, to attract the mind of Jehovah; and we are sure that God is pursing the same thing still, and always will.

Such a minister will view himself as acting in the presence of a heart-searching God who requires truth in the inward part and will shortly call him to account for all the exercises of his heart.

Liberty and freedom is an innate principle, which is unmoveably placed in the human species; and to see a man aspire after it, is not enigmatical, seeing he acts in no way incompatible with his own nature… Liberty is a Jewel which was handed down to man from the cabinet of heaven.

Liberty is equally as precious to a black man, as it is to a white one, and bondage as equally as intolerable to the one as it is to the other.

He is an old preacher. He lived above one thousand seven hundred years before Abraham; above two thousand four hundred and thirty years before Moses; four thousand and four years before Christ. By this time he must have acquired great skill in the art.

If I have a particular privilege granted to me by God, and the act is not revoked nor the power that granted the benefit vacated, (as it is imposable but that god should Ever remain immutable) then he that would infringe upon my benefit, assumes an unreasonable, and tyrannic power.

The reality of a future punishment is at times so clearly impressed on the human mind, that even Satan is constrained to own that there is a hell.

The true disciple of Jesus will not thrust himself forward into ministry like a heedless usurper but with the greatest caution and self-diffidence.

An African, or in other terms,. a Negro may justly challenge and has an undeniable right to his liberty: Consequently, the practice of slave-keeping, which so much abounds in this Land is illicit… Liberty is equally as precious to a Black man as it is to a white one, and bondage equally as intolerable to the one as it is to the other.

Lord, guide us by thy Counsels here, that when we come to die, Angels our precious souls may bearUp to they Throne on high.

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