‘Cuties’ Review: Courtesy of Elisha Krauss

My fellow commentator Elisha Krauss did a breakdown of the child exploitation French film “Cuties” aka “Mignonnes.” The feature won awards at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival and critical acclaim but has received universally denunciation from audiences, social media, and even from politicians. Her review is incredibly smart, thoughtful, and reveals just how abhorrent the movie truly is.

Check out the review below (spoilers, but still watch):

I also shared some thoughts on the movie, warning signs from Netflix early on, and European cinema in general on social media.

I think it’s interesting that #CancelNetflix is trending because of a foreign film. They’ve had “365 Days,” a movie that glamorizes abuse. “13 Reasons Why” glamorizes suicide. Not to mention every teen movie promotes all kinds of debauchery, but “Cuties” angers social media.

My point is, we should have been paying more attention to (Netflix). They have a long history, right along with Sundancefest and other #Hollywood venues, of promoting this truly grotesque content.

Aside from the #Cuties controversy, we should have a broader discussion on European cinema in general. Americans need to stop pretending that their cinematic style is better just because it’s Europe. Let’s judge European films and filmmakers on an individual basis.

Remember in most European countries, the age of consent is between 14 and 16. That is (a) horrifying stat that is reflected in their films. That’s why the creepy director of “Cuties” is puzzled by the backlash. This is nothing to them.

Americans’ affinity for European #cinema and movements from them need to be reevaluated or there will be more “Cuties,” “Nymphomaniac,” and “The Trouble with Being Born.”

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