Top 10 Favorite Robert Pattinson As Batman Fan Art (So Far)


Matt Reeves’ adaption of The Batman has begun filming. Robert Pattinson is set to star as the Caped Crusader and while I am cautiously optimistic, I have to say, a lot of fans are coming up with some pretty cool artwork with inspired with him in costume and behind-the-mask including the honorable mention above. Here are my Top 10 Favorite Robert Pattinson As Batman Fan Art (So Far):

We have this “Batman Beyond” version that riffs off Terry McGinnis. Source: iHasanKazi on DeviantArt.

Here is one with the aesthetics of a true movie poster. Source: ArtStation from Radar Official.

We have a golden bat design with a little bit of rain in Gotham City. Source: ArtStation from Cameron Robertson.

I like how this artist took out Ben Affleck. I just hope ol’ Rob can pull it off. Source: ArtStation from Jessica Perez.

This one invokes the design from Jim Lee during the “Hush” story-arc with the blue and gray. Source: ArtStation from Hasan Kazi.

Batman Inc. with the solid Bat-emblem is looking pretty good. Source: ArtStation from Comic Universe.

This nod to Arkham Knight is top-notch. Source: DeviantArt from JSComicArt.

Here is another nod to the DCEU with this side shot of Pattinson in that outfit. Source: Artstation from Mizuri Official.

This is another nod to the Batman: Arkham games, but this one seems to be from the first one. Source: ArtStation from Jarold Sng.

I really like this up close and personal design. It is one of the coolest designs. Source: Twitter from John Regan.

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