Movie Review- I Am That Man

I Am That Man is an indie film written, produced, directed, and starring Matthew Marsden whom you will recognize from Rambo and Black Hawk Down. It is made with RedWire Pictures, Roaming Elephant Films and Hazel BlueProductions, who describe the movie as “a story of perseverance and hope. It is a grateful tribute to those who serve our country with honor, courage, and fortitude.”

Former Navy SEAL John Beckett (Matthew Marsden) saw intense combat overseas. Civilian life in Los Angeles does not seem to fit him as he is struggling to be a good father and good husband to his wife Nicole (Christine Lakin), who has separated from him. He seems to be in auto-pilot as he spends time with his son and works at his job as he struggles with to rebuild his life as a soldier without a war.

That all changes when one of his best friends is brutally murdered by a gang of skinheads who attacked him for being Jewish. Beckett decides to launch a one man war on the gang of men and bring them to justice.

Marsden makes his directorial debut with I Am That Man and he does a good job of crafting the story. You feel Beckett’s struggle and his growing isolation as his family moves away from him and he pushes them away. One thing I appreciate, is that it is unapologetic (a word the filmmakers use) in its approach to battling evil and hate in the world.

I found the plot engaging, the acting excellent, and the overall story to have depth. With indie films, you do have to watch out for filmmakers replacing absurdity and “auteur” plot devices for good storytelling. Not so with this movie. It focuses on bringing the viewer an experience that is worth every minute.

Currently, the filmmakers are crowdfunding to put the movie in theaters. If you would like a movie that avoids the politically correct fluff that is being put out by the big entertainment companies, definitely check it out and consider supporting the film.


PARENTAL CONCERNS: Violence, Language

Check out the trailer:

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