Movie Review- If You’re Gone

Written and directed by Brittany Goodwin, If You’re Gone is based on the book of the same name also by Goodwin. It is a faith-based story about a young man who goes missing and the fallout from his disappearance.

Lillian White (Masey McLain) is preparing going to her senior year in high school as her boyfriend Brad Lee (Oscar Mansky) is getting ready to graduate. The day before his graduation, he confesses his love for her and she reciprocates. However, the next day, he just disappears. There is no sign or trace and various searches turn up nothing.

Lillian does everything she can to find him including questioning Brad’s former best friend and small-time criminal Michael ‘Lizard’ Lizardo (Ben Davies). Police Detective Padron (Burgess Jenkins) seems to think that Brad has run off voluntarily and is not pursuing it as strongly as Lillian wishes. After three months with no clues, everyone wants her to move on, including her best friend Anna Redmond (Desiree Ross). However, she just cannot let go that there is a clue they have overlooked.

The movies highlights a very tough topic and the heart-wrenching impact one person’s disappearance can have on his family and loved ones. This film diverges away from the mystery/thriller side that is usually featured on this type of movie. Instead, it gives focus to the emotional side of someone just disappearing.

I have to give credit to Goodwin. That was a bold choice. She could have done the easy thing and made it a “whodunit,” but decided to portray something deeper and it paid off in spades.

As for the acting, Masey McLain as Lillian really shines. She was the perfect choice to play the role and she leads this film to its climax. You feel her joy, her sadness, and her grief as she portrays this character. The rest of the cast also do a satisfactory job in the movie, especially Ben Davies as one of the suspects behind the disappearance.

If You’re Gone tackles a tough subject that gets little attention. While I have not known someone who vanished personally, I have known friends who have had family and loved ones just disappear. It is an emotional moment in someone’s life and I feel that this film did a job of portraying the emotions and impact of a circumstance like this.

Look for it on DVD in early 2019.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Mild thematic elements, Disturbing images

FAVORITE QUOTE: Even if you’re gone.

Check out the trailer below:

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