Why Social Media Platforms Are Hurting Themselves

Steven Crowder is the host of ‘Louder With Crowder’ on CRTV and YouTube, as well as a comedian who is known for his antics. They are often crude, rude, never prude, but never mean spirited. After posting a video of one of his team members going undercover at a LGBTQ event, Twitter and YouTube struck with a vengeance.

I personally watched the video and though it was uncomfortable and slightly offensive, it never crossed a line that George Carlin or Don Rickles dared not enter. It was actually quite funny.

The social media overlords did not see it that way. YouTube immediately demonetized it and took it down, despite Crowder’s team bleeping curse words and blurring faces. Twitter took it a step further. They suspended Crowder’s account and one of his producer NotGayJared. This led to the #FreeCrowder movement trending. I proudly participated.

This is disturbing and definitely shows a double standard. The Young Turks are basically paid to curse their way through the news and that is their right, yet they somehow always make it into the trending field despite low viewership. Meanwhile, videos from right-leaning outlets like CRTV and NRATV are constantly flagged.

This is a dangerous precedent that the social media outlets have set. Flagging people they do not agree with while simultaneously promoting Left-leaning people with a small following leads to double standards. We are seeing that happen right now. Their algorithms are so eschew, they are flagging beauty vloggers and bloggers who do make-up because them decorating their face “might make viewers feel bad about their skin.”

As a result, you see subscription based services on the rise. Currently, no other open platform has challenged the “big three:” Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. When someone does, like the creator of Gab, its search results somehow get buried deep into the search engines.

This leaves Conservatives who want to build social media three options, one: try to take to court like PragerU, two: create their own open source platforms, similar to Twitch or three: march on Silicon Valley to peacefully protest the unfair algorithms and terms of service.

Whatever the case maybe, though the big three still reign supreme, they are only hurting themselves. If and when someone does come up with a better idea, content creators will jump ship and the audience will go with them. Why? Because content is the king. The king brings the money. It is only a matter of time.

What do you think? Do you think social media will change or get worse? Let me know in the comments below. While you are at it, check out my Oscar Panel with special guest Roaming Millennial. Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe for more posts like this one.

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  1. I’m currently in Twitmo for 7 days for telling someone to “eat a Tide Pod and chill”, over a month ago.

    The other day, Chad Felix Green had an idea that I agree with. Conservative/libertarian investors need to start buying stock in these companies and apply pressure from the shareholder end. With Amazon, Google and Apple being the gatekeepers of who will be hosted and if their app will be available, any alternative to the big 3 will be downlisted or barred from distribution.

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