#GamerGate – What Conservatives Can Learn Three Years Later

I am going to give a little history for those who are unfamiliar with the incident that has gone down in tech world history as Gamer Gate.

It all started three years ago, when gamers began accusing trade magazines of giving poorly made video games excellent reviews in exchange for cash from the creators. There was a huge push back from the magazines. Because some of the reviewers happened to be women, the social justice warriors (or as I call them social junkie whiners), came out in full force.

The gamers (many of whom are women) began to be accused of being sexist.

The accusations even inspired an episode of Law & Order SVU where the gamers are portrayed in a very negative light. With Hollywood and the mainstream media jumping on board and even the same pundits who defended video games from the Watchdog Groups in the 1990s were assaulting them now.

Many of the women, led by Anita Sarkeesian, claimed to be gamers and said they were being attacked on social media with hate speech and death threats. Sarkeesian used the publicity to create a successful crowdfunding campaign for an online gaming docuseries. The series has not been completed despite reaching its funding goal and release date.

However, the gamers were not alone. On August 27th, 2014 Adam Baldwin sent out a tweet to defend the gamers. It was the first to use the hashtag #GamerGate and that name defined the controversy.

Conservatives have faced similar uphill battles. Almost every aspect of Conservative values has been assaulted from traditional marriage to capitalism to gun rights to life to diversity to law and order and even free speech. These values have been called racist, misogynist, sexist, violent, radical, and even Un-American.

Now, when Conservatives get to the point that the gamers got to, one of four things happen. The first is they downplay its importance. The second is give up completely. The third is to renounce the movement all together. The last is the Conservatives that do stand up for their values end up looking foolish because very few back up what they say.

However, the gamers did not give in when they got to the end-point. They rallied together and created a social media phenomenon that was heard all over the world.

They shored up their support with liberal allies from Christina Hoff Sommers and from the Right like Dean Cain and Steven Crowder. They stood united, all races and all genders of gamers came together and said, “No!” With this kind of unity, their accusers began to fall apart.

Soon, it was found that Anita Sarkeesian was not even a gamer, admitting in a 2010 video she had never even played video games. The supposed footage from her YouTube series was not recordings of her playing as she suggested, but in fact it was taken from other gamers.

Anti-gamer mediums like Reddit were discovered to be making spambots that were supposedly blocking pro-gaming posts and creating fake accounts (including other outlets) that were making the death threats and hate speech that the gamers were accused of using.

It was a full on conspiracy that was discovered and in the end, the gamers ultimately won fighting against the SJWs, mainstream media, television, and even their own trade magazines and game companies.

For all of these groups, it was the first time someone had taken them on and won. The lost was bitter for them, but for the winners, they all raised their hands in victory.

If Conservatives would rally like the gamers did and dare to take on SJWs, the media, Hollyood, and rally together with a formidable alliance like the gamers did, we could win more.

It is already happening with the Second Amendment and Life. This is the most pro-life generation in our lifetime and today has more new gun owners in recent years.

If Conservatives keep this momentum and take the fight to our accusers, there will be more victories.

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