Interview With Author HE Olsen

Picture provided by HE Olsen

Picture provided by HE Olsen

H.E. Olsen is an author whose first published book Discovering True Love is coming out ithis month. I had the privilege of asking Mrs. Olsen some questions about writing, inspiration, and a whole host of other questions. She has some great insights to share. I had a great time getting to know her. Check out our interview below. Her answers are in bold.

Where is your hometown?
I live in Oldtown, ID.

Is your hometown where you started writing?
I began my book Discovering True Love in Oldtown, but I began writing little stories from a young age in Newport, WA. I would often write at school when I was supposed to be learning.

You are a Behavioral Psychiatrist. Where did you study?
I’m not a behavioral psychiatrist yet. I’m working my way there. Starting next year, I plan on studying at Liberty University online school. I’ll start by becoming a counselor of mental health first. I also am considering becoming a family and relationship counselor. I’ll then work my way up to a behavioral psychiatrist. In the meantime I’m studying freelance in books and on the web. I also went through counseling myself, as I wrote Discovering True Love. This will give me knowledge and understanding from both view points from counselor to counselee. I believe the understanding of both viewpoints will be great knowledge to have.

What is something you learned that you did not expect in your field?
I’ll answer this question from the author‘s end and the future psychiatrist. As an author I did not expect to turn my soul inside-out. I went through many fears and tears writing my first book. Studying psychology, I’m amazed of the connection I’m finding between it and the Holy Bible. How the human’s mental, physical, and spiritual bodies all connect. How learned characters affect our emotions, our choice making, and how we view circumstances- which affects our health. The Bible teaches us to look for the good in everything. In this process, through psychology by training our minds to seek good- thinking positive, we become mentally, physically, and spiritually healthy. The Bible teaches ways to live a long, healthy, and happy life. I will close here because I can go on and on- it’s so fascinating to me.

You are a proud Christian. When and why did you come into that faith?
I grew up in the church. Growing up I did have doubts, but some things have happened to me to put those doubts to rest. I write about these miracles in Discovering True Love. I will be sharing some different experiences in my next book.

Tell us about United Heartbeats. What is it and what is the vision behind it?
United Heartbeats, I’m hoping, will become a ministry. It’s my heart’s desire to grow it into a ministry of mothering. I want United Heartbeats to reach arms across the world and mother the hurting, lost, and confused (regardless of belief and with respect) – to bring love and healing, also to support the widows and orphans.

How can my readers get involved?
Come and Like United Heartbeat’s Facebook page, comment, like posts, share testimonies to inspire- and prayer request if you need prayer. I’m working on getting counselors and prayer leaders behind the scene. Check it out at- (It’s still a work in progress. The name may even change)

Tell us a little bit about your poetry.
“My Poetry,” I say this with a smile and a sigh. Words just come bubbling up from my soul, at any given time, and I’ll have to find a place to write them down. I’ll lose focus on reality and zone off. I have often tried to put toothpaste in the fridge and milk in the cupboards. I write from experiences and visions. I sometimes follow the rules and then sometimes I don’t. Most of it is about loss, difficulties, and healing.

Your first novel is titled Discovering True Love. What is it about?
This first book is about my personal Journey of discovering true love. This book is non-fiction. I bring to light the lies I believed about love and how I replaced it with the truth of love. I share how my expectations of love brought me down and how true love brought me up. I show real love, a love that is lasting, and a love that completes. It’s a one-of-a-kind type of love that is not found on the outside but the inside.

Where can readers find it?
Discovering True Love is soon to be released this November. Readers can purchase it at Kharis Publishing while the pre-release sale is going on. The book won’t be delivered until after the release date though. Go to-

Do you have any future projects down the road?
Yes! I’m working on my next book. I’m calling it Defeating Demons right now. This book will be fiction based off of my own experiences. I’m having fun making it a thriller. Even though this book is fiction it will show the truth in how we can defeat demonic attacks by choices, actions, and through prayer.

If you had to pick, what actors/actresses would play your protagonist(s) or antagonist(s)?
I would love Melissa McCarthy as the lead actress. I love her wit and her sense of humor. I think she would pull off the downs as well as the highs. For the antagonist, I would have to say, maybe- Jack Nickolson? The friction between Melissa and Jack would be entertaining.

Many say that writers were readers first. What were some titles you enjoyed?
I love The Oath by Frank Peretti and Mark of the Lion series by Francine Rivers. I could read these books over and over. There are many other good books I’ve read but these are my favorite.

Was there a mentor in your life that helped cultivate the writing talent in you?
I would have to say my editor at Kharis Publishing.

How would you describe your writing style?
I wrote Discovering True Love as a memoir and it has a story within a story. I will use different writing styles in different literary works.

What motivates you to get up and write?
I’m motivated by the desire to share, inspire, and bring healing in some way or form through my testimonies and stories.

Do you have a special nook, cafe, or library where you go to write?
My special place for writing is at home where my homeschooled kids can lovingly drive me crazy. If they only knew- that they’re feeding my writer’s imagination.

When you need inspiration, where do you go to find it?
If I need to be inspired, and this may seem silly, I do chores. When I start cleaning my mind starts running. This combination also causes things to be misplaced or go missing.

Is there a particular novelist whose life inspires you?
No, I can’t say there is. Until recently, I haven’t researched or followed the authors. I just enjoyed the books.

Any final thoughts you would like to share to an author who is stepping into his or her future?
Have a ton of patients, be flexible, and keep improving. Listen to the seasoned author’s around you, the publisher, and marketing professionals. If writing is your life, you love it, and can’t live without it- you will make it.

That concluded our interview. Mrs. Olsen is a talented writer and I look forward to reading her nonfiction novel when it is released and future works. Be sure to visit her Facebook, Twitter, and her Blog for more about her and her works.
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