Top 10 Movies That Stole Plots From Other Films

When we go see a movie, sometimes we cannot help but ask ourselves, “Have I seen this before?” It is true, some movie plots steal from others. However, some movies completely steal, almost becoming a parody or plagiarism of other films. Here are my Top 10 Movies That Stole Plots From Other Films.

Avatar- James Cameron’s so-called masterpiece ripped off some many films it’s embarrassing. He took the title from an animated show, stole the concept from Star Trek Insurrection, stole the plot from Dances With Wolves, and plagiarized the idea from Fern Gully: The Last Rainforest.

Parker- Based on a series novels, but the film steals its ideas and tone from the first Jack Reacher film starring Tom Cruise. It is filmed in a similar manner and features similar stunts and situations.

White House Down- While Olympus Has Fallen veered away from politics and focused more on action, this film focused on trying to redeem President Obama’s failed foreign policy while at the same time ripping off from the previously mentioned film.

Antz- Woody Allen’s animated film was nothing more than a more grown up version of Disney and Pixar’s A Bug’s Life (which itself is a rip of The Magnificent Seven.) It focuses on a colony of ants, but instead of being an outside threat, it’s an inside one.

The Prestige- This film is unique in, though it’s a rip of The Illusionist, it is actually better. It is directed by Christopher Nolan and stars a superior cast including Hugh Jackman, Rebeccas Hall, and Christian Bale.

Equilibrium- Another film starring Christian Bale, this film echoes the novel and film 1984. It explores the same themes such as romance, emotions, and a totalitarian state. It is difficult to say which is better.

Sunday School Musical- Asylum Films is known for “mockbuster films,” but through their subsidiary Faith Films, they created a Christian version of the Disney channel original film High School Musical. Both are embarrassing.

Battleship- This film is almost completely the plot of Transformers by Michael Bay, ironically both owned by Hasbro. Their is an invasion, humans stop it, and yeah, that’s it except no good aliens to help us.

Wyatt Earp- Coming out on the heels of the far superior Tombstone, both films document the famous Western lawman. While one is biographical, the other focuses on his later years.

McQ- John Wayne was offered the role of gritty cop for Dirty Harry, but he turned down because he thought he was too old. He regretted it later and filmed this hard boiled cop movie a few years later.

That is my list! I hope you like and share it. Comment if I missed any of your favorite movie copies and you might see it in a future list. Subscribe for more upcoming entertainment and pop culture lists!

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