Movie Review- Star Trek Beyond

Star Trek Beyond poster

Directed by Justin Lin and based on a screenplay by Simon Pegg (who also stars as Scotty) and Doug Jung, Star Trek Beyond takes the rebooted franchise back to its roots. The third film after Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness in this rebooted universe.

The USS Enterprise is sent on a rescue mission after a few days shore leave at the newly built Yorktown space station. Both Captain James Kirk (Chris Pine) and First Officer Spock (Zachary Quinto)  are thinking of leaving the Enterprise, with Kirk becoming a Vice Admiral and Spock joining his people on New Vulcan.

However, the rescue mission goes array when the crew is led into a trap in an uncharted nebula. They are attacked by the alien overlord Krall (Idris Elba) and the Enterprise is abandoned before being destroyed. Kirk, Scotty (Simon Pegg), Spock, and Dr. McCoy (Karl Urban) manage to escape, but the rest of the crew is captured by Krall’s minions on the mysterious planet Altamid.

Krall is after a relic called the Abronath, a seemingly useless space antique. He also seems to know more than his fair share about Starfleet protocol and how to access Federation signals.

Scotty meets Jaylah (Sofia Boutella), who agrees to help the crew if they repair her ship, which turns out to be the grounded lost ship USS Franklin. The ship appears to be in good condition, but the crew is missing.

From the Franklin, Kirk makes a bold plan to rescue his crew, not realizing who Krall really is and what he is after.

My honest opinion of this movie is it really fantastic, but it lacked what made the first two films so epic: a good villain. Krall’s motivations were confusing and hard to understand, with his “big plan” to destroy Starfleet lacking any real motivation.

That being said, this film paid more tribute to the original series than its predecessors. The original cast was given a very short cameo and references to what happened to the five year mission were made.

It also paid homage to the shows Star Trek Enterprise (by mentioning the MAKO organization) and Star Trek Voyager (by way of a certain Commodore Paris). With that, it is full-on fan service.

It is the type of film that Star Trek needs to be. It is a serious film that has the right mix of space, action, humor, and cast chemistry. I think Gene Roddenberry and Trekkers would be proud.

Of course, Anton Yelchin will be missed as the beloved Chekhov. I hope they do not recast him, instead introduce another character like Nurse Christine Chapel (mentioned in the previous film) or Janice Rand (who started off as a yeoman, but was later promoted to Lt. Commander).

FAVORITE QUOTE: He likes that seat.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Foul language and sci-fi action violence

Check out the trailer below:

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