10 Things I Miss About Texas

01 Texas state flag

I really do miss Texas. It will always be my first home and have a special place in my heart. Besides my family and friends, here are my Top 10 Things I Miss About Texas.

10. Dallas Cowboy Debates– I’m not the biggest Cowboys fan, but I do miss having the debates on Jerry Jones and the Cowboys’ future.

09. The Sunsets– There is something special about the Texas horizon. When you watch that sun go down, it is quite a sight.

08. Y’all– No one says y’all in California unless you go further north.

07. Driving through the Hill country– California has mountains. That is nice, but I do miss driving through the Texas hill country.

06. Cowboys– Not Dallas Cowboys, but real Cowboys. They have them here in California, but you only catch glimpses of them.

05. Cajun Food– It’s like how Californians say Tex-Mex isn’t authentic Mexican food, Cali-Cajun isn’t authentic either.

04. Love of Football– California, baseball is the big sport. Nothing wrong with that, but it is taking some time to get use to.

03. The Southeast Texas State Fair– Now, that was fun! They have incredible events in California, but I miss getting gator tails.

02. The State Flag– There is nothing like seeing the Texas flag fly high.

01. Blue Bell Ice Cream– There is just nothing like the home made taste of Blue Bell ice cream.

That concludes Texas Month. I hope you enjoyed it. We’ve got more music reviews, movie reviews, interviews, and so much more coming up in September.

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