Interview With Author Amanda Marie

Amanda Marie Boese

Amanda Marie is the author of paranormal novels Etched In History and Torri: To Rule The Universe Book 1 and is one of the founders of Linkville Press. Not only is she a very talented writer, she is also a publisher. I had the privilege of interviewing her. Her answers are in bold. 

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Klamath Falls, Oregon.

Is that where you started writing?


How young were you when you started writing?

I began writing in junior high, just the normal school essays, and my teacher told me I had a talent for it. So I played around with stuff and then really started writing when I was 15.

Any old short stories or poems that stick out?

Um, I spent a lot of time writing for I got a lot of good reviews and it gave me a lot of good practice. Some of my things are still up there.

When did you decide, “Okay, I’m going into writing full time”?

I don’t think I ever decided. It just happened.

Who are your influences?

My biggest influence was my great grandma. She was the rock in our family until she died in 2006. She never got to be published, so I do it for her. After that, it would have to be JK Rowling, Stephanie Meyer, Tolkien.

They say every writer was a reader first. I know I asked about influences, but what’re some specific titles you enjoyed?

If my influences list is any indication….Harry Potter, Twilight, Lord of the Rings. I am also enjoying the Mortal Instruments and House of Night book.

Tell us a little bit about Etched In History. What is it about? Did you use some stories from your history or family/friends?

Etched in History was greatly inspired by a museum I volunteer for called the Baldwin Hotel. I learned a lot of local history and it made me love the victorian era. It’s based in the original town of Linkville, which changed to Klamath Falls in 1893. I also visited a mansion in Butte Montana and so a couple of real people (George Baldwin from Linkville and William Clark from Butte) make cameos in the book. It’s also partly inspired by Little House on the Prairie.

Torii (To Rule The Universe) is book one in a series. Tell us a little bit about building that world. Got any advice for building a universe?

Tori interweaves humans with fantasy creatures. It also explores time-traveling and shapeshifting. Fantasy is a difficult genre, because it has to be consistent. If you make any mistakes readers pick up on it really fast. Advice? Take notes. Make sure you’re consistent with the world you’ve created. Write timelines and character bios. Make sure the timelines work with the story you’ve written.

How is book two coming?

Book two is finished and in my editors hands. We’re hoping for a September release.

Aside from being a novelist, you are also a screenwriter. You currently have a screenplay titled The Gothic Mansion. What is the story about?

It’s about two school friends who were separated under bad circumstances. They come back together as paranormal investigators, and they end up in a house that traps them. They can only get out by helping the spirits and solving a long-hidden mystery, which actually is a true legend of the house. (The Gothic Mansion is the nickname for Franklin Castle in Cleveland, Ohio.)

Which actors/actresses could you picture playing the Brandon, Venetia, and Jeremy characters?

The characters were written in a way that anyone with talent could play them. However, if I get my way, my nephew would be Brandon.

What about your history with Linkville Press? What is the story behind that?

Linkville Press I started because I was tired of crappy publishers. I got stuck in the Publish America scheme. They decided new authors’ books were worth $30 unedited. It was just really dumb. Then I got in with another publisher that started out kind of hose Linkville is, but it fell in the hole really quickly. I started editing and managing things, and then I never got paid for it, and they never published books on time, including mine, and they started lying about book sales, which was also an issue with PA. So I got out and started my own house. We are slowly growing a little more each month.

Do you plan to write in the Paranormal romance genre long-term or is there another genre or two you would like to try?

I prefer fantasy and historical fiction.

Do you have any advice for someone looking to write that first idea as a novel?

Just start writing. If you overthink you you’ll never get anywhere. Just sit there and start writing. Let the characters and story write for you. That’s what I did.


Amanda Marie was very interesting and she has a lot of talent. Check out her official website and Amazon page to get a copy of her two books. Be on the lookout for even more great books by her and more coming out of Linkville Press. In full disclosure, Linkville Press is publishing my novel as well. 

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