Worst Superhero Movies Part 2

Worst Superhero Movies

I’ll be honest, not every superhero film will be or can be an Avengers: Age of Ultron or Batman VS Robin. Many of them are pointless, awful, hammy, or just plain dumb. Everything from casting to story to directing to special effects, they were put together with the effort of high school film club. You’ve seen Part 1, Here’s my list of Worst Superhero Movies Part 2.

Catwoman- Halle Berry is a fantastic actor, but she got stuck in this movie called Catwoman, but was not based on the mythology of any of the comic books, not even a mention of Gotham City or Batman. DC Comics failed miserably with this adaption. 

Captain America- No, not the one with Chris Evans. This is one that came out in 1990 and has some of the worst dialogue and acting in the history of Marvel Comic adaptions. Believe it or not, it actually had a sequel titled Captain America: Death To Soon, but I did not bother watching it. 

Steel- This should have been a good movie. Steel is a great character that was spun-off from Superman. I understand not wanting to do tie it to the Superman films, but they changed it so much that the character, played by Shaquille O’Neil, was completely unrecognizable. 

Punisher: War Zone- When 2004’s The Punisher failed to reach audiences, Marvel Studios decided to do a film in 2008 that focused more on the violence than on the origin. It was a bitter pill to swallow. That is okay, because The Punisher was redeemed on the hit series Marvel’s Daredevil

Spawn- This film divides fans. Some see it as a cult classic based on Todd McFarlane’s Image comic book series. Others, like me, see it as a cheesy film trying to capitalize on the horror genre that was becoming popular in the 1990s. I’m not a huge Spawn fan, but I know inconsistencies when I see them.

Constantine- Talk about one of the most over-hyped comic book characters. Warner Bros. actually wasted money making a film adaption of this lame character starring Keanu Reeves. The fan base is small, but they are loud, so loud in fact that Constantine is now official DC Comics canon instead of existing outside continuity. 

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer- This movie had so many problems, I do not want to create a list in a list. Apart from its veering away from mainstream comic books to try “Hollywood glam” the film, 20th Century Fox produced one of the lamest sequels of all time. 

Superman Returns- There was so much finger pointing about what went wrong with this film. Director Bryan Singer accused the studio of meddling while the studio accused Bryan Singer of negligence. Whatever the reason, this film is one of the worst Superman adaptions.

Howard The Duck- George Lucas tried to adapt one of Marvel’s comedic endeavors. That was a late down. It is now considered one of the worst films ever made. It is hard to believe that Lucas would go on to become the genius behind the Star Wars series. 

TMNT: Coming Out Of Their Shells- Okay, so this is really a stage musical, but it was released on VHS. It was a cheesy rock opera that had the Ninja Turtles arch nemesis The Shredder trying to steal “all the music.” It’s a real thing, look it up. 

That is Part 2 of my list of Worst Superhero Movies. If you think I am missing a few, comment below and you might see it in a future list. That’s why you should subscribe for more pop culture articles like this one.


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