#ThrowbackThursday – 90s Superhero Animated Shows

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With superhero films becoming more and more popular, everyone thinks they are a nerd now. However, true nerds know that you had to go to the small screen to get your superhero craving met. For today’s ThrowbackThursday, we’re taking a look at everyone’s favorite superhero cartoons.

Fantastic Four- Despite several failed movie attempts, fans of Marvel Comics’ first family got their whistles wet with this animated series that ran for twenty-six episodes. A season three was planned to feature She-Hulk, but it never got off the ground.

Superman: The Animated Series- Made by the same studios that gave us Batman: TAS (see below), this series featured the inspiring hero in true form, not the arrogant, brooding version DC Comic books are try to peddle. It had several great story-lines and Tim Daly was spot on as the Man of Tomorrow.

X-Men- The 90s X-Men television series is one of the best animated shows to ever be created. The first four seasons, especially were amazing. It adapted several plot lines from the comic books including the Age of Apocalypse and Dark Phoenix and showed some pretty realistic violence.

Freakazoid!- Produced by Steven Spielberg, it was a parody of other comic book heroes, but since he fought some pretty ruthless villains, he deserves a spot. He had super strength, speed, and was pretty much indestructible. It had slapstick, fourth wall breaking, and lots of surreal humor.

Iron Man- Part of the Marvel Action Hour with Fantastic Four (see above), this show featured a version of the Force Works, featuring multiple heroes including War Machine, Spider Woman, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Century, but also had a few gust spots. Instead of a heart injury in Tony Stark, it featured a spinal cord problem.

Mighty Ducks- These anthropomorphic duck-like aliens battled to stop their arch nemesis from taking over the Earth, while simultaneously trying to get to their home. On the side, the team played professional hockey. Oddly, the series finale aired before the show ended, leading to a lot of confusion.

Spider-Man- This is a classic of the Fox Kids programming block. It has some really great shows and this is one we thought would go one forever. However, Fox opted for the inferior Spider-Man Unlimited to replace it. Fans never really knew how the series ended.

Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century- Okay, so not exactly a superhero series, but it had a great story. The great detective was sealed in a ice block for years and awoke sometime in the AD 2100. He helped a descendant of Lestrade and a robotic Watson solve crimes of the future.

The Avengers: United They Stand- In this hentai inspired series, the Avengers consisted of Ant-Man, Wasp, Falcon, Vision, Wonder Man, Tigra, Scarlet Witch, and Hawkeye fighting the Masters of Evil and Ultron. Iron Man made one appearance and Captain America did, but Thor did not. He would have had it gone to a second season.

The New Adventures of Zorro- This version had Zorro battling Steampunk style villains and always seemingly outsmarting the local police. The lead villain was Captain Montecero who pursued Zorro throughout both of the show’s seasons.

The Incredible Hulk- Renamed in its second season as The Incredible Hulk and She-Hulk, the first season focused on Hulk’s battle with General Ross and The Leader, while the second season had him on the run with She-Hulk. The latter also had the Gray Hulk appear every now and then.

Batman: The Animated Series- No list is complete without this show. It still has not been beaten in terms of plots, voice casting, animated, and style. No other Batman animated series have ever even managed to get a glimpse of the glory.

That is today’s Thorwback Thursday. Do you have suggestions for another list? Comment below and be sure to subscribe for more humor articles like this one.


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