Texas: Just A Quick Word 2016

01 Texas state flag

What to say?

I am going to miss Texas. My super cute wife and I are heading West for a few reasons which will be kept private on this blog, but I am going to miss the Lone Star State.

I am going to miss seeing the Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, skyline. That’s just naming a few.

I will miss knowing that I can get Cajun food or Blue Bell ice cream in a five minute drive.

I hope you feel this way about your home state, but for me, the stars always seemed to glow brighter in the night’s sky, especially in Tyler County.

Being outdoors, going hunting, fishing, hiking, star gazing, or beach combing, all of those things are activities I love to do in my home state of Texas. I know I can do those things out West, but it is just fun to do them in your own backyard. 

Do not worry though, I plan on visiting a whole lot to see family, friends, my old stomping grounds, and to get some very good Barbecue.

That is what is happening with me. Comment below if you would like to share something about your home state. Be sure to click subscribe for more stories, articles, news, and updates. We never run out of material here!


  1. I’m sad to see you go, but am excited for the opportunities that will be coming your way! God Bless you and your wife on your upcoming journey!

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