Top 50 Batman Villains TOP 10


I have been making my list of Top 50 favorite Batman villains. If you have been following, then you made it to the Top 50! Woohoo! Way to go. So, here is my Top 10 Batman bad guys.

The Riddler- Edward Nashton is a brilliant criminal who has long plagued Gotham City. In fact, in the New 52 Batman origin Zero Year, he was the main villain. 

Ra’s al Ghul- He is the leader of the criminal organization League of Assassins, among others. He has been killed and brought back. He seems unstoppable and often comes to haunt Batman. 

Scarface and Dummy- Arnold Wesker was a meek and humble ventriloquist who developed a split personality that manifested in a puppet as the criminal mastermind Scarface. 

The Penguin- Oswald Cobblepot plays the role of a debonair aristocrat, but he is really a gross, disgusting crime boss who is as deadly as they come in Gotham City. 

Poison Ivy- She has been a villain for most of her life, but recently Pamela Isley has become an eco-friendly anti-hero. Not the coolest storyline ever, but her hatred for Batman puts her on the list. 

Two-Face- Harvey Dent was once a friend of Bruce Wayne and an ally of Batman, but after he was scared, he changed forever. Now, he is one of the Caped Crusader’s worst enemies. 

Catwoman- The sometimes enemy, sometimes ally of Batman has been around since the beginning. Selina Kyle has outsmarted and outwitted him, but he has her heart. 

Hush- Tommy Elliot was Bruce Wayne’s childhood friend, but soon they became archenemies when he became the villain that allied with all of Batman’s rogues. 

Scarecrow- Professor Jonathan Crane was abused as a child because of his fear. He soon became obsessed with fear and bringing it out of his enemies, especially The Dark Knight. 

Joker- The Clown Prince of Crime is the most deadly of Batman villains. Though I think he is often overused, he is Batman’s worst enemy. 

I hope you enjoyed this list. I foresee many more to come, so be sure to subscribe!

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