Retro Film Review- Tango And Cash

Tango & Cash‘ is a 1989 buddy-cop comedy film directed by Andrei Konchalovsky. He was fired by producer Jon Peters and replaced with second unit director Peter MacDonald before Albert Magnoli took over the project.

Lieutenant Raymond ‘Ray’ Tango (Sylvester Stallone) is a top cop from westside Los Angeles who wears Armani suits and makes a ton of money on the stock market and watches out for his sister Kiki (Teri Hatcher). Lieutenant Gabriel ‘Gabe’ Cash (Kurt Russell) is a tough-as-nails cop from East LA who is not above bending the rules. Though the two share contempt for each other, they both run afoul of drug-lord Yves Perret (Jack Palance) who has his underlings Requin (Brion James) and Quan (James Hong) frame them. After escaping from prison, the two are forced to work together to figure out how to clear their name.

The movie was hampered with production woes as Konchalovsky wanted to make the feature more serious and Peters wanted to keep it campy. It is even rumored that Stallone was “shadow directing” at one point to help keep the peace. Ultimately, MacDonald and Magnoli stuck to Peters’ original vision. Because of the post-production changes, the trailer has some alternative scenes from the actual movie.

Despite the chaotic production, the movie is actually pretty enjoyable. The humor is a bit dated, but I did laugh at some of the antics that Tango and Cash find themselves in. I always love action-comedies and this one certainly brought me lots of laughs.

As for Stallone and Russell, they are excellent. The two of them really shine in this movie and they have excellent chemistry with their banter. The two of them make the film and I cannot picture two other leads in their respective roles.

This goes for the supporting cast as well. Hatcher and Hong are particularly excellent. I have mainly seen Hong in comedic roles, but his role as a crime lord in this movie was great. Hatcher was also good. This was only her second film, so to see her pull it off was cool.

Now, the movie does have its faults. I felt the trial sequence drug on for too long. It should have been condensed and brought straight into the prison part of the plot. Outside of that, the movie had a hook and it had me from the beginning.

Bottom line, Tango & Cash is a hilarious action comedy that truly digs into the “buddy cop” genre. Despite the behind-the-scenes drama, Stallone and Russell make this film a good time.

Check out the trailer below:

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