Movie Review: Disney/Pixar’s Brave

Brave is a new Disney-Pixar film directed by Mark Andrews and Brenda Chapman. It had its initial premiere at the 2012 Seattle International Film Festival and would be released in time for the summer.

Princess Merida (Kelly Macdonald: No Country For Old Men, Boardwalk Empire) is a girl becoming a lady, but she would rather go on adventures than learn to become a proper royal. Her father, King Fergus of the Celtic Clan DunBroch (Billy Connolly: The Last Samurai, Open Season), is a king who has faced the “demon” bear Mor’du and lost a leg in the process. He loves his daughter and enjoys her tom-boyish behavior. Meanwhile, her mother, Queen Elinor (Emma Thompson: Last Chance Harvey, Men in Black 3), wants her to become a lady and marry a suitor who is to be chosen by a series of trials. Merida wants to choose her own destiny and visits a witch who gives her a spell that is meant to change her mother’s mind, but instead, turns the queen into a bear. What follows is a quest for redemption, love, and a search for destiny.

This movie is a must-see! As of the writing of this review, it is in the top five Pixar movies to come out. It has some of the best animation, voice cast, and musical scores that match the fantasy nature and Celtic backdrop of the film.

I have a few qualms. One is that the plot is a typical tale of a Disney princess turn rebel story that is being made popular by modern filmmaking. It has the annoying younger siblings, crazy animals, and a witch, but despite that, it is the way these totems are used in this story that is very different. There is no main antagonist. That is a lacking presence you notice throughout the movie.

Now, I do wish they had a more focused antagonist. I am not sure what this new trend where Disney and Pixar do not want to create villains. I think it is lame.

Outside of that, it is a straight-up adventure movie that takes you on a quest through the moors of Scotland and through the eyes of one of the most well-known ancient societies in history, the Celts.

Bottom line, what can I say about Brave? It is one of the best, well-made, and fun fantasies that Disney and Pixar have put out. I do wish it had a better villain, but I did enjoy myself.

FAVORITE QUOTE: You’re not naked! You’re covered in fur.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Fantasy violence

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