‘Noise’ Review- More Like No Noise

Noise is a Dutch thriller directed by Steffen Geypens who also co-wrote the film with Robin Kerremans and Hasse Steenssens. It made its way to Netflix for North American audiences.

Matthias (Ward Kerremans), his fiancee Liv (Sallie Harmsen), and their newborn move into his family home after his father Pol (Johan Leysen) has to go to live in a retirement home. Matthias is a social media influencer who regularly live streams his life. After his father walks to their house, he points out the abandoned factory where he use to be the manager and mentions a potential conspiracy theory involving the deaths of several workers. Matthias becomes intrigued and then obsessed with the story, putting a strain on his relationship with Liv. Soon, he starts hearing and seeing things, bringing the circumstances to horrific proportions.

First of all, nothing happens in the first thirty-minutes of the movie. I have a feeling that they were trying to establish characters, but it took way too long. I found myself bored out of mind as we just watch Matthias and Liv do life. This is a common flaw I’ve seen filmmakers make. They either want to extend the run time of the movie with establishing shots or overdo the character origins that it slows down the pace.

It does not get much better after that. The movie is incredibly predictable. Matthias comes off more as a jerk than someone who is becoming haunted by the sins of his father. It was a slog with jump scares that were not scary and virtually no tension throughout the story. Not even the music helped to make the music build any sense of fright.

Also, the story is incredibly convoluted. The movie could not decide if it wanted to be a haunting, a supernatural thriller, a conspiracy, or the break down of an otherwise sane person. The film kept trying to imply that Matthias’ new role as father was putting pressure on him, but they never quite helped put it together. They also kept introducing characters that seemed important, but would their connection to the plot was superficial at best. They provided no relevant information and just kind of served to be there.

Towards the climax, and there are some spoilers here, the factory story arc is almost abandoned except for a vague connection. I cannot even call it a MacGuffin. To top it off, the ending was very unsatisfactory. It just sort of ends with music and a panning shot that did more to make you dizzy than satisfied.

Bottom line, Noise made no noise. It was a slog of a film that was a pain to get through, though it might help you get bored if you are too excited about something.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Foul language, Violence, Frightening images, Brief gore

FAVORITE QUOTE: I never see him. Always you with the little one.

Check out the trailer below:

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