‘Amber: The Girl Behind the Alert’ Documentary Review

Amber: The Girl Behind the Alert is a true crime documentary film directed by Elizabeth Fisher. Streaming to Peacock, it tells the story of Amber Hagerman, the little girl whose abduction created the Amber Alert.

The family of Amber Hagerman was partaking in a documentary about women who get off welfare. Amber was featured with her mom and siblings as filming continued, even capturing her birthday. During a visit to her grandparents, she was bicycling with her younger brother. Somewhere between the street corner and her grandparent’s house, she was taken. Only her bicycle was left behind. The police immediately went into action and she was soon found murdered in 1996. Despite her case going cold, her legacy went on with the activation of the Amber Alert, which has saved countless lives.

What made Amber’s case unique was the documentary footage we see in this feature. One kid missing is too many and though Amber’s case, like so many others, has a tragic ending, her legacy lives on by helping save others.

Technically, Amber’s case is a cold case, though law enforcement in Arlington, Texas insists the case remains active. I do hope that they find her killer soon and bring him to justice.

Through interviews, archival footage, and newsreels we see Amber and empathize with her family. This documentary did a good job of humanizing her and other victims of kidnapping. It was a tragedy and one that helped countless others. I found it incredibly impactful and highlights a great flaw in our society. The predators who do this can be anyone and anywhere.

For me personally, the most impactful words came from Amber’s mother and brother. The two of them truly shine a light on Amber and, by proxy, children missing all over the country. The documentary does a good job of not veering into exploitative territory and keeps it about the victim and her family. I applaud them for that and for raising awareness about missing kids all over the United States.

Check out the trailer below:

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