‘Ain’t We Got Fun’ Review- Comedy With A Song

Ain’t We Got Fun is a slapstick musical comedy directed by David Alan Ruben who also co-wrote the film. It was produced by Repartee Pictures and distributed by Adler & Associates Entertainment.

Aspiring screenwriter Brutis Thornbottle (David Alan Ruben) arrives in Hollywood seeking out his uncle Frankie Dushinsky (Patrick Plugge), a big time producer, with a script. Unknown to Brutis, his uncle is involved in a scandal when he is caught at a brothel with a woman named Millie (Jessica J’Aime), angering his wife Florabelle Dushinsky (Kathy Rich-McFarland). Florabelle flees to her cabin with her Russian maid Anatasia (Samantha Drews). Frankie is hiding the reel from his latest film with his loyal chauffer Maxwell Danvers (Jonathan Tosetti). However, the brothel madam Ginger Astaire (Kate Bowman) and her fugitive brother Jules (Lyle Friederichs) also want the reel so they can get a bribe to help Jules get out of jail.

There was a lot going on with this movie, so I was curious to see how it would all pull together, and it does with one hilarious payoff. Set in the 1930s, the movie pays homage to the oddball comedies of its time period in a big way. A film about filmmaking, it satires the entertainment industry with seedy movie execs, narcissistic writers, scandalous rendezvous, and behind-the-scenes drama.

Now, a few of the jokes do fall flat and some scenes overstay their welcome. That being said, overall, it brought out some genuine laughs with its use of slapstick, one-liners, zany antics, and awkward humor to keep you engaged with everything and everyone. You definitely see Flora Finch, Groucho Marx, Charlie Chaplin, and their contemporaries being honored through stunts, crashes, and other such incidents.

This being a musical, I have to say, I enjoyed it. The lyrics were clever, the covers performed well, and I thought the dance choreography was done excellently. It definitely felt like I was watching a musical comedy from the era it takes inspiration.

All of the actresses and actors do well in their respective roles. I especially thought Samantha Drew was excellent as the Russian maid. For most of the film, the character lost her glasses and could barely see. Drews did a good job of making you believe that her character had this impediment, adding a great deal to the humor of the story.

Bottom line, Ain’t We Got Fun is a fun ride with lots of hilarity and good musical numbers.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Slapstick violence, Some foul language, Sexual content

FAVORITE QUOTE: Can’t save the day without the address.

Check out the trailer below:

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