Ranking The English Dub Voices Of Goku

Dragon Ball Z protagonist Goku (known as Son Goku in Japan) has been voiced by the same voice actress Masako Nozawa in Japan since the series beginning. In the English dubs, the adult version has been voiced by a plethora of voice actors and you might like a certain one depending on what era you watched the show. Now, this is not a note on their talent, just my personal opinion after listening to dozens of voice samples. Here is my Ranking The English Dub Voices Of Goku:

08. David Gasman– He voiced Goku for several English versions of the Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball GT films for AB Groupe.

Source: IMDB

07. Peter Kelamis– He covered the Ocean Dub for a time, including another version of the pilot film Dragon Ball Z: The Dead Zone, one of two (maybe three) canon films of the DBZ series.

Source: Jeff Hitchcock/Wikimedia

06. Jeremiah Yurk– He worked as the adult Super Saiyan 4 Goku in GT in the Blue Water dub. Yurk brought a “tough guy” voice to the character.

Source: IMDB

05. Jeffrey Watson– Technically, he voiced teen Goku for the Ocean Productions and AB Groupe version of Dragon Ball, but he did a decent job.

Source: IMDB

04. Kirby Morrow– For a time, his version of Goku was one of the most well known, as he did episodes 123-291 of Dragon Ball Z in the AB Groupe dub.

Source: IMDB

03. Ian James Corlett– Covering for the Saban Dub, his voice has a familiar tone to it. He is most known for the voice work on that dub of Dragon Ball Movie 1: Curse of the Blood Rubies and Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might.

Anime news Network

02. Lex Lang– Toonami Asia and Bang Zoom’s broadcast of Dragon Ball Super features the veteran voice actor who has done iconic characters like Dr. Doom and Batman for a variety of animated features.

Source: Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia

01. Sean Schemmel– He has voice Goku through the Funimation dub from Dragon Ball to Dragon Ball Z (plus the Kai version), and now into Dragon Ball Super.

Source: Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia

Apologies if I missed anyone. These voice actors for adult Goku that I know the most. Here is a video from YouTuber TeddyKGaming comparing a few of them:

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Note: I realize some of the actors on this list have had allegations in inappropriate activity leveled against them. They are innocent until proven guilty.


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