Graphic Novel Review- Batman: Rise Of The Batmen

Batman – Detective Comics Volume One: Rise of The Batmen brings us into the DC Rebirth. James Tynion IV has taken over as chief writer of DC Comic’s flagship publication. He is joined by artists Eddy Barrows and Alvaro Martinez for this relaunch.

Batman wants to prepare Gotham City for a war. It is one that is coming soon. Bruce Wayne turns to his cousin Kate Kane aka Batwoman to help him lead an army of vigilantes to defend the city against a new enemy. This team consists of Tim Drake aka Red Robin, Stephanie Brown aka Spoiler, Cassandra Cain aka The Orphan, and Basil Karlo aka Clayface, a former supervillain who has reformed.

The training commences and Batwoman finds Batman’s habit of keeping secrets a problem. However, when a mysterious organization called The Colony starts to attack and even defeats Batman, Batwoman has to step up and become the leader that her cousin sees in her.

This collection of comic book issues is an incredible story. The Colony presents an impressive adversary for the Batman Family that is training to become the next generation of superheroes for Gotham City. It is refreshing to see Cassandra Cain after the New 52 stupidly erased her from history. Though she is not a canonical Batgirl anymore, this new persona as The Orphan fites her perfectly.

Tynion and the artists did an excellent job of bringing Batman into the modern era.

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