Movie Review- Batman And Harley Quinn

Batman And Harley Quinn is the next in a long line of animated films collectively known as the DC Universe Animated Original Movies. While the animation techniques are similar to the fourth season Batman: The Animated Series, the movie is not connected to the show. Thank goodness.

Poison Ivy (Paget Brewster) and the Floronic Man (Kevin Michael Richardson) team-up to steal a chemical compound developed by Alec Holland aka The Swamp Thing (John DiMaggio). They want to use it to create a weapon that will turn everyone on the planet into plant/human hybrids similar to Floronic Man.

Batman (Kevin Conroy) and Nightwing (Loren Lester) take the case, but in order to find Poison Ivy, they track down her best friend. None other than the (now) former girlfriend of The Joker, better known as Harley Quinn (Melissa Rauch). After a rendezvous with Nightwing, she agrees to help the Dark Knight in exchange for not going back to prison. The unlikely threesome encounter all kinds of trouble along the way as they search for Ivy and Floronic Man.

This film is nostalgic, I will give it that. In the dance club scene, every dancer (with one exception) was a familiar background character in Batman: TAS. Loren Lester is the best Nightwing (sorry my fellow Young Justice fans). His chemistry was perfect with Conroy’s Batman. It was truly good to see the dynamic duo I grew up with back together.

That being said, outside of the nostalgia, this was a disaster of a film, even for Warner Bros. Animation. It felt rushed together with crude jokes more likely found in a Kevin Smith movie than a Batman flick. While Melissa Rauch might be a hilarious comedienne, she was an epic fail as Harley Quinn. It was more annoying than feisty and fun. Arleen Sorkin, Mia Sara, or even Hynden Walch would’ve been more appropriate.I don’t understand Bruce Timm’s weird fetish with odd superhero couples like Batman/Batgirl, Batman/Wonder Woman, and now Nightwing/Harley Quinn. They all seemed forced. Hopefully Batman: Gotham By Gaslight will be better.

FAVORITE QUOTE: It smells like… discipline.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Violence, Crude Humor, Foul Language

Check out the trailer below:

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