#HumpDay – Made It Halfway


Remember the Geico commercials with the camel? He would march around saying, “Hey guess what day it is? Hump day!”

What is hump day? Well, according to Google, Hump Day is a noun defined as,

Wednesday, regarded as the the midpoint of a typical working week.
“it’s hump day and perhaps the toughest day of the week for you”

For me, Sundays are Hump Day since I work at a church. It is about in the middle of the work week for me and one of the hardest days. Why is that? There is a lot of hustle and bustle trying to get everything ready for Sunday morning service. It is trying at times, believe me, I know.

What makes it worse is you rarely get complimented on doing a good job. Even if you wrote a stellar report, nailed that presentation, assisted that surgeon with ease, scored the winning point, or taught that lesson, your supervisor just passes you by without any regards.

If you are reading this and thinking, “Man, today is Hump Day. I was hoping this post would be encouraging, but all you’re doing is reminding me that today is lame.”

Bare with me for a moment. I mean bear, whatever. Try to remember, last week, everything came together didn’t it?

The fire alarm did not go off, everyone got paid on time, the customers were satisfied (maybe not happy, but content), and even though the week was rough and you are in the middle of another, you made it through with your skill and work ethic.

Remember that the weekend is only a few days. You have made it halfway, so give yourself a pat on the back if no one else will. Go out and celebrate Hump Day with your friends and co-workers.

Say, “Yeah we did it! Hump Day!” Repeat that three times when it is time to punch out. The weekend is almost here and those Taylor Swift, Snoop Dog, Tobymac, or Home Free tickets are not going to use themselves.

Take a moment, breath, and remember that even though the day seems like it will never end, it will and so will the week.

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