#Politicon 2016- What an experience! Part 2

20160626 Politicon Day 2 (1)

On Day Two, I had quite an adventure. I went into the Media building where I asked a security guard where the Press Room had been moved. She pointed me to a room in a corner of the building and said, “I’ve been seeing reporters going in and out of there all morning.”

I went inside and the room was way nicer than the previous day’s. Day 1 had a few tables, chairs, and surge protectors, but this room, it had comfy couches, nice tables, matching chairs, and a breakfast spread. To my surprise, former Libertarian nominee John McAffee was in there. I shook his hand and got a picture with him. You can see it in the gallery below. 

About half an hour later, a concierge approached me and informed me that I was not in the press room, but actually in the VIP Room where speakers and panelists go before and after their engagements. I was very cooperative and went to the same old press room as before. 

Originally, I had planned on going to Sarah Palin’s opening speech, but when I heard she was just going to talk about Trump, I had no appetite for that. Thus, I decided to participate in the Red State Update live recording. Jackie and Dunlap were hilarious. Though the crowd was small, they worked it with all of their charm while discussing their take on politics of the day. 

I got to ask them about Darrell Castle of the Constitution Party and about Brad Thor’s presidential ambitions. They laughed off Thor and stated they had no heard of Castle, but will research him further. I got to speak with them afterwards and they were a hoot. 

After that, I headed over to the main hall to hear Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro take on Sally Kohn of Salon.com.  I will give credit to Kohn, the audience was mainly hostile to her, but she stood her ground. That being said, she did not stand a chance. She would try to appeal with some liberal talking point then Shapiro would come at her with cold hard facts. 

Kohn would then accuse him of “misinterpreting” the facts, but then later conceded Shapiro knew more stats than she did. He took advantage of that and exploited every weakness in her arguments. At one point, I was concerned that she had been triggered. Anyone who saw that debate, knew Ben Shapiro came out as the winner. 

The next event, Lou Perez’s (of WeTheInternet.com) presentation “Can Political Satire Survive Political Correctness?” He defined political satire as making light of events and politics, etc, while political correctness is being “aware” of issues that might offend on matters of race, gender, etc. He said that satire can, as long as comedians stick together because comedy is the exploration of what it means to be human. 

He also made the distinction that comedy is a conversation not a activism. It is a challenge, but a challenge is good because it starts conversation. Perez told the audience not to stop the conversation. He played us four videos that his production company made and I found them genuinely funny. 

During Q&A time, I asked him how the audience can support comedians in free speech. He answered that the audience needs to speak out and to show support for comedians who you find funny. 

I ran into him later and spoke with him. He is genuine in his position on free speech. He thinks whether your left or right, you should be allowed to speak and have a debate with someone. He was cordial, friendly, genuinely funny, and thanked me for my question. 

In between, I got to meet Touré, formerly of MSNBC. Though I did not talk to him long, he was very gracious and shook my hand firmly. I later saw him speaking to Red State and they were having some laughs. 

I visited several booths including Voto Latino, a nonpartisan group that is helping the Latino community get registered. Their group was very nice and I had a great time talking to them. They genuinely care about the Spanish speaking community getting their right to vote. It was refreshing to see a group that was not grandstanding and actually cared about who they are helping. 

Later, I ran into Bob Makela. He owns Bobtimystic Publishing and while it is a small company currently, he has big plans. He was there promoting the book The Can’t-idates by Craig Tomashoff. The book talks about fifteen other presidential candidates besides the big three running for president. It was very interesting hearing about these other candidates including Vernon Supreme. 

After this, I headed over to another area where I ran into Ben Shapiro. He was conducting an interview before his townhall meeting. Needless to say, I slid in for a picture. 

20160626 Politicon Day 2 (25)

At the townhall, he answered hostile questions with patience and intelligence, especially from Trump supporters. If you know anything about Ben Shapiro, you know he is #NeverTrump. 

I was able to ask about freedom of the press and President Barack Hussein Obama’s attempt to curb it. In context, I asked who would be worse, Hillary or Trump? His reply that they would be about the same. Hillary would do the same as Obama and Trump would be bad as well.  

In conclusion, this weekend was really awesome. Be sure to subscribe and then check out my gallery below. 

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